For current rates please CLICK HERE  or give us a call at 850-629-0381. Rates are subject to change without notice. Custom rate packages available by request.

Studio Tours:

Studio tours are available Monday-Saturday by appointment only. Tours are subject to our availability and must be scheduled in advance. All walk-ins will be turned away. Contact the studio at 850-629-0381 to schedule your tour today.

Session Booking:

All sessions must be booked in advance with a start time and end time. Any session that exceeds the scheduled time will be charged hourly.

There is a (2) hour minimum for all sessions. You will be charged at least (2) hours for any work done in the studio.

Sessions that exceed (2) hours, half of the total amount for the session will be due at the booking of your session. This is to secure the session. Your session will not be considered booked until half of the total amount due for your session is received.

Payment for session and materials are due immediately at the end of each session. We will not release any material or recordings until the total amount due at the conclusion of the session is received, and all payments and debts are cleared.


In the event that you must cancel a session, notice must be made (24) hours prior to your session start time. Otherwise you will be billed for half the time booked, with a minimum of (2) hours billed. There are NO REFUNDS if a session is canceled for any reason. You may be entitled to a credit instead and it must be approved by management. 

All sessions start at the time booked. If you are late you must pay for the amount of time you booked. Your session will not go over your booked time unless there are no sessions following yours. You will also be responsible for any additional time spent on your session at our current studio rate.

Accepted Forms of Payment:

Cash, All Major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express) Debit Cards (with Visa, Mastercard logo). Checks are only accepted by previous clients we have relationships with and accounts.

Book Studio 

Please give us a call at (850) 629-0381 to book or use our online booking below.